Our ideas are not our own.



As an expert on the creative process, Marks provides tailored Keynote presentations that inspire her audience on a visceral level. She is an ideas person with focus on creativity and her fresh perspectives on design innovation are sought after by industry leaders.


Marks' approach is conversational, motivating and professional. She engages the audience to:

  • Foster their own creativity

  • Rethink and reprogram their approach to the creative process
  • Gain insight into the design industry


Kat Marks is an internationally recognized creative leader, Keynote speaker and fashion designer.

Services Offered


  • 15 minute to 60 minute Keynote presentation with visual material
  • Think-tank sessions to both large and small groups
  • Q and A sessions
  • Hands-on creativity workshops
  • Material workshops in traditional leather-craft
  • One-to-one mentorship in creativity and fashion design


Presentation Topics


  • Our Ideas Are Not Our Own
  • Visceral Design and the Creative Process
  • Creative and Professional Practice in the Fashion Industry
  • The Practice and Principles of Traditional Leather Craft